Managed Signal Services. Fees Based on Performance. Highly Reputable Partners.

FX OMDS offers you a sophisticated yet very simple to understand approach to the management of your forex account. Through our solid partnerships with segment leaders in the industry, we currently offer our clients managed signal services that ensure you don’t relinquish control of your account while still taking full advantage of our tried and tested Expert Advisor strategies. Unlike most of our competitors, our fees are purely based on our performance. We receive percentage of the money we make on your behalf and our performance based fees are considerable lower than our closest competitors. It is also important to note that we only take our fees when you have made a profit; this is a distinct difference between us and investment fund managers who get their cut irrespective of your profit/loss status.

Your Account. Our Signals.

Our fully automated signals program offers total transparency and a ‘hands free” environment to our clients. This is especially significant when you compare your forex account with a typical fund investment. With our program, your funds are safely held in a trading account with a preferred broker of your choosing. We hold a master account then you open your own account that is a subordinate to the master account. Fund distribution occurs systematically at the brokerage level and is completely free from our intervention. We supply the signals, they work for you, and the brokerage allocated the profits. Simple! We do not have access or intervene with your account directly. Only you have access to the funds and therefore the only one who can withdraw the funds. This is in sharp contrast to any typical fund investment where your funds are usually held by the fund manager and exposing your monies to misuse.

With FM OMDS managed signal services, you are at liberty to stop trading or even withdraw your funds at any time without incurring any form of penalty. This does ensure that you always maintain total control over your investment.

How it Works

As mentioned, we have partnered with one of the leading brokerages to bring you managed Forex trading services with a difference, allowing you to keep total control over your account. Once you have decided to invest with our team of experts, we invite you to open an account with the brokerage firm under our Master Broker account. The account does solely remain yours and we have no access to the account with regards to closing, moving or withdrawing funds from your account. The profit sharing is automated and takes place upstream of both of our fund accounts.

Straight-forward, performance-based fee structure.

Getting started with Forex trading has never been easier. FX OMDS has no hidden fees or subscriptions to buy. We have a single monthly charge; the performance percentage fee. What we agree upon at the onset is what we charge you. Simple.

Performance Fee: This refers to a flat thirty percent (30%) fee that’s payable on the net profits generated in your account at the end of a trading month. The implication of this approach is that our fee is tied to the profit that we generate for your account during the period in question. It is important to note that the performance fee is thirty percent (30%) of net profit (this includes both realized and unrealized loss/profit) and that’s the calculation is based on achieving what is referred to as the high water mark in your trading account.

In the event that we did not trade in a given month or lost money then you don’t pay any performance fee. Additionally, if we transact losses for you in a particular month and make some money for the account in the following months, you will only be expected to pay the performance fee for profits generated over and above your high water mark.

To explain how the program works, here is a sample three (3) month profile worth taking a look at:

First Month's Trading with Initial Deposit

Initial deposit: USD 10,000
Profit generated: USD 2,000
Performance fee %: 30%
Performance fee deduction: USD 2,000 x 30% = USD 600
New Account Balance: USD 10,000 + USD 1,400 = USD 11,400

Your new account balance automatically becomes your high water mark.

Second Month Trading with Losses

Account Balance: USD 11,400
Losses incurred: USD 400
Performance fee %: 30%
Performance fee deduction: because there was no profit generated, there is no deduction made on your account
New Account Balance: USD 11,000

The new balance is not considered your high water mark. The previous balance of USD 11,400 is still considered as the high water mark.

Third Month Trading with Profit

Account balance from previous month: USD 11,000
Profit generated: USD 3,000
Account balance: USD 14,000
Performance fee %: 30%
High water mark: USD 11,400
Actual profit generated: USD 14,000 less USD 11,400 = USD 2,600
Performance fee deduction: USD 2,600 x 30% = USD 780
New account balance: USD 14,000 less (-) USD 780= USD 13,220

Because we incurred losses of USD 400 in the second month, we have to first bring the account balance above the high water mark level of USD 11,400 before we can deduct any performance fee. Even though the initial profit generated was USD 3,000 the actual profit generated is USD 2,600 after taking into account the USD 400 loss.

Therefore, a performance fee of 30% can only be calculated on USD 2,600.

After deduction of performance fee, the new high water mark is USD 13,220.

How do we safeguard against undue risk? 

To safeguard your funds, we have put in place stringent risk parameters which we enforce to the letter. We therefore only risk a small percentage of your overall account balance for each trade that we make. In most of our trades, this exposure is usually in the region of 0.5 to 2.5%. As a final safeguard, we make a point of continuously monitoring all our trading accounts so as to ensure that they are always trading within the laid out parameters.

However, it is important to understand that these trading programs are usually geared towards retaining a high return each trading month. With targets of between ten percent (10%) and thirty percent (30%), there is some significant risk involved. It is therefore important to do some research and acquaint yourself with the inherent risks involved in Forex trading before taking the plunge. If you cannot accept these risk levels or don’t fully understand or comprehend the risk involved then it is advisable not to invest in this type of alternative investment.