Results Driven Forex Robot Developers

Unlike software sellers who make their profit from your purchase of their software, we make a commission from your profits on our system.  That is a huge advantage to our customers – we are supremely motivated to make you money, because that’s how we get paid.  It puts the ultimate skin in the game – ours! 

Here’s how it works. 

Winning Combination of Well Researched Market Intelligence and Technology

FXCM Master Broker accounts have made it possible for you to open an account under our master account.  Our buying power and profits flow from our proprietary, intelligent software that sits on Seer Hub to the Master account on FXCM.  Your account is a member of the master and profits flow through the Master account into your account.  

Trading is triggered by our software at the Seer Hub level and instantaneously replicated in FXCM.

FXCM executes the trades and accrues the profits, then distributes the profits to the master and member accounts.  This, it is important to note, is a ‘hands-free’ process.  We do not access or change our profit percentage or alter your account.  The accrual and distribution of profits are handled seamlessly by FXCM.  

About the Seer Trading Platform

Seer hub is a place for developers to attract traders and investors. Written in C and Pearl languages, Seer Hub is the preferred platform for handling complex and sophisticated programming. 

Seer Hub dashboard data provides charts; profit percentages; draw downs; monthly and annual revenue. 

Seer Hub provides Site performance metrics on the master account.  Investor account performance details come from FXCM. 

US Customers

At this time, our broker FXCM, does not permit us to accept members in the US. If you are in the US, we cannot accept your membership, but you are welcome to view the information on this site and we invite you to visit us periodically for updates on the status of FXCM accounts in the US.