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Years of extensive and strenuous market research and software program development yielded a system that incorporates full automation and multi layered strategies. In one fully automated Forex trading system we trade select pairings and we’ve tailored our winning strategies across multiple time frames as well. This gives our trading algorithm the maximum opportunity to trade for you.

You get a multitude of AE’s and, even better, there is NO software to set up and NO server to rent.

Our system is ideal for someone looking for an opportunity to easily get into Forex trading. Forget the learning curve and configuring software and servers. Join us and get started.

Our clients range from beginners to seasoned traders. For the beginner, you can get up and trading in Forex in a minimum amount of time and with any level of investment that you choose. Then, you can learn as much as you like about Forex trading while you watch your own trading in action. While we won’t tell you how we created this unique and proprietary software, you are welcome to visit our site and learn more about trading Forex.

For the seasoned traders, we offer an easy, care-free investment stream in Forex. Many of our seasoned trader clients tell us that they use our results as a bell weather to measure their own trading strategies. It gives them the advantage of managing their investments with no intervention.

Our Competitive Advantage:

Most programs and software that offer Expert Advisors, offer only one ‘Expert Advisor’ per program. In other words, an EA is a single strategy to exploit one signal pairing, or one time frame. 

automated forex trading program

We have developed an Expert Advisor System that includes multiple Expert Advisor strategies. This is a significant difference between our program and others who only offer one or two strategies and charge additional membership or subscription fees to add on additional EA strategies. 

Our program covers multiple charts and time frames to give the most comprehensive automating trading system possible. 

  • Results driven Forex robot program gets you trading with ease - NO server to rent and NO software to set up.
  • You open an account and determine your level of investment. 
  • We send the signals to your account. You get the reward. It's that simple.
  • Exclusively available to traders outside the US.

Competitor software programs or packages are not a quick and easy way to get started in Forex trading: 

  • Have to open an account with a broker
  • Purchase software or subscription
  • Configure software; learn enough about the program not to make costly mistakes 
  • Rent a server
  • Competitors offer only one or limited number of trading strategies/opportunities. 
  • Competitors care about selling software or subscriptions, not about whether you are successful and make money trading Forex.